Letter from the President

Thank you for your continued support of CTAGGL.  Together we strive to provide up to date information that is of assistance to our members.  The organization also provides valuable networking opportunities to help grow each of our member’s businesses and provides contacts for support services we all rely on.

The group is your group and we need your input to help us provide the specific information that is of relevance for you.  So please let us know topics of interest that you would like to see discussed at our quarterly meetings or through a special presentation format.

The annual MidAmerica Lender’s Conference will be held in Austin this year on April 10-12, 2017.  Please note the new date and make plans to attend.

Thank you to each of the Board members for serving the organization and for the time they devote to making the organization meaningful.  If you are interested in serving on one of the committees, please let us know.  All help is appreciated and all ideas are welcome.

We look forward to 2017 and the opportunities that the year will hold for each of us.


Marilyn Hartmann, President